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Milestones - Be Careful What You Wish For!

At the bottom of the Home Page of this website is a quotation from Horace’s Odes
At the bottom of the Home Page of this website is a quotation from Horace’s Odes, from which came the rallying cry that became the name of the website at a time when I was forced into a radical re-think about the aims and direction of the rest of my life.

‘Seize the Day!’

I certainly did! I repeatedly seized the day in the years that followed, and have regretted not a minute that I grabbed.

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4 Glacier-10

5 Camel-11
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However, today saw the reaching of two unforeseen milestones – the removal of the chair from the shower and a walk to the Italian Deli in Charlton Kings for Cappuccino and Torta. Having thrown off the shackles of my intravenous line, the World is my oyster, or at least it may be in a month or three. When I hiked high into the Canadian Rockies and fished the evening rise on the Crowsnest River fourteen weeks ago, I never dreamt in my wildest of dreams that I would be exhilarated by today’s achievements.

No obvious comments please, but I did not foresee discharge from a geriatric ward, my third inpatient billet, after six weeks of great NHS care. It was not without educational benefit – an expert understanding of ergonomics and frustrations in disabled bathrooms; a heightened hatred of the efforts of the packaging industry; a terrifying understanding of how the aged and infirm feel when surrounded by blind-to-others crowds rushing hither and thither in public places; and confirmation of the difficulties of deafness. At least you can surreptitiously turn the aid off and smile beatifically!

The foothills of the latest mountain are slowly succumbing to a growing and determined assault – from the almost impossible flight of stairs up to my bedroom to a distant Italian coffee in seven weeks. Friends, neighbours and many others have a lot to be thanked for, and I am very grateful to you all, especially a certain professional photographer in Montana who saved my life.

Now just more milestones: start the car and see if driving is a starter; improve sufficiently to fly South for rehab in the sun; restart the suspended US Visa process; regain some muscle …

And therein lies the moral: from the 5:2 diet to less than 140lbs in seven weeks! You never know what tomorrow may bring, so plan to live forever, but make sure each day has fun, laughs, adventure and achievement, even if it is only a joke with the nurse looking to find yet another place in your bloodied and bruised arm to stick a cannula!

What Horace’s words actually say are: ‘While we are talking, envious time is fleeing: seize the day, put no trust in the future'.

What It's All About
I hope to have quite a future, but I no longer trust it to slavishly fulfil my plans and expectations. After all, the future starts now, and life is good despite everything.

I also hope that your futures are long and great, but perhaps more importantly that you are making the most of 'now'.

Go for it!
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