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Bad Hair Day

People make the difference .....

Despite the problems of an out of control blood pressure I rationalized that, as I hadn’t died of a heart attack or a stroke whilst acting as tour guide, hotelier and companion to a series of guests, I probably wouldn’t die in the four weeks in Montana remaining to me. Doctors are allowed to make such rationalizations, particularly when they are treating foolish patients. But the nine days I had planned in a hotel in Bozeman were clearly going to be a huge anti-climax after Livingston, so they could go. I was sure it would be easy to sort out the arrangements on the web for an earlier departure.

It was when, before I had even broached the subject of date changes, the car-hire company rang to tell me that my pre-paid voucher for the coming month’s hire was invalid and that there was a problem with the credit card from which they were trying to extort money in case I disappeared; when UA wouldn’t accept my credit card on the web because it didn’t have an address in the States; and when my luggage shippers refused to answer my e-mails and phone-calls that I wondered how easy it was going to be. The first two required a drive over the Pass to the Airport to resolve. My blood pressure wasn’t being helped.

Back in Livingston later that day, I went into a darkened room to allow a beer to calm me down after the frustrations of Gallatin Field, and was engaged in conversation by the stranger sitting next to me at the bar. Obviously highly intelligent, aged 69, family originally came over in 1658, has a sister with a medical degree and a PhD in classics, renovated classic cars in his past, worked for Lockheed on hush-hush projects, used to be wealthy, now on the ‘social’ and sharing a room with an Irishman (several generations ago) who has an encyclopaedic knowledge of birds world-wide. We talked of politics, the 89yr old Dean of the Whitehouse Press Corps who had opened her mouth too wide and been ‘retired’ by Hearst Newspapers that day, the Mayan civilization, global warming, the economy, man’s inability to resolve conflict by talking to his fellow man, scientific method and empiricism, stealth technology, the veneer-thin nature of civilization, ‘society’ as a failed concept, classic cars, Shakespeare and much else. He also believes in re-incarnation, has inside information on Roswell and seen a couple of things he can’t explain, doubts that humans could have built the Great Pyramid of Cheops and believes that life on earth came from the orbit of the third star of Orion, but he is as sane as you and I – whatever that means! After all, he hates realtors and lawyers. Steve and I shared a couple of drinks, I shook his hand and went home to eat; I may never see him again.

The point of the story? Not a lot really, but it wasn’t such a bad day after all, people make all the difference.
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