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It's not the side they drive on .....

Sophisticated 4x4s with powered opening and closing tailgates are a new experience for me, not one I am sure I wish to repeat. I am fairly certain that they are not meant to open spontaneously whilst driving along, allowing camera bag, recently purchased groceries and sundry other items to leave a trail of destruction behind one. Thankfully the following motorist stopped short and blew his horn to draw my attention to the mayhem, not that I had been entirely unaware of a certain windiness around my ears. Having retrieved most of my belongings, save for three broken beer bottles and a bottle of balsamic vinegar, I set off again smelling like an Italian brewer, slightly worried about what the realtor would make of such an aroma emanating from a tenant who was due to stay for two months. I disabled the powered tailgate option.

American cars are scary. On picking up my seven-seat monster, I was so befuddled by the huge array of switches, levers, dials and sundry other control surfaces that I spent ten minutes reading the basics before I left the car-hire pound. On return to the Wingate car park – a great hotel with hugely helpful and friendly staff – and after inadvertently pressing a button under the rearview mirror that necessitated an apology to a nice lady at ‘On*’, God-knows-where in the States, who wanted to help me with whatever emergency I was experiencing, I retired to my room with an instruction manual of War and Peace-ian thickness and put a bag of ice on my forehead. I won’t tell you about the turn the rear-view camera gave me the following day – missed that one in the manual. Nor do I care to dwell on the fact that the nice lady will know if I have an accident, from which direction the other car hit me and whether my underwear was clean that morning.
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