Idle Thoughts

I never keep a diary, I don't have the patience or the time. I do, however, jot things down that interest, amuse, intrigue, baffle, or otherwise grab my attention. As much has grabbed me over the past few years, my ramblings are quite extensive, but you are spared the entire works.

What follow are a few extracts, interspersed with the odd travel and location tip. Remember, the snapshots of my thoughts are contemporaneous with my travels, so subsequent events may have overtaken my ramblings!

Some of the places mentioned, which were above the ordinary, can be found on the Links Page.

Idle Thoughts

Milestones - Be Careful What You Wish For!


At the bottom of the Home Page of this website is a quotation from Horace’s Odes ...more

More News from the Front


The new American wife having departed the shores of fair Albion on the 2nd of July ...more

May the 31st 2014


When I designed and set-up this website it was not intended for holiday snaps, wild parties, selfies, or indeed for any other such frivolous content, but then I hadn’t expected to get married ...more

I Lied!


Yesterday, I made a solemn promise ...more

It Only Gets Worse ...


I live in an odd house ...more

Survival …


It’s that time of the year again. It’s the depths of Yellowstone; it’s snow-coaches before dawn and after dusk; it’s ...more

Driving Miss Cindy


“Erm … excuse me sir, there is a monkey in your car.” ...more

Here & There ...


It has been an interesting and action-packed few months, and the one thing that has not been freely available has been spare time ...more

Snow and Yet More Snow


It was odd to be opening a pile of Christmas Cards and a few gifts at the end of February, but life has become somewhat disjointed of late. I seem to spend much of my time trying to catch up with the consequences of deserting one or other end of my current travel axis for several months at a time. Hence my belated Christmas activity, and subsequently the crazy scramble to damp down a slowly smouldering in-tray. The one redeeming feature of the miserable UK winter, although depressing beyond belief, was that it helped to keep ...more

Cheltenham Man Not Vapourized in Yellowstone Holocaust


Yes, it still hasn’t happened, the Yellowstone super-volcano hasn’t yet blown, the caldera is still intact, or at least it was when I looked this morning. I think I might have heard if anything had happened since lunchtime; mind you, I can see a herd of bison stampeding across the meadow by the Arch as I look down from my vantage point high above Gardiner. ...more

Security Broadens the Mind


“When you travel, remember that a foreign country is not designed to make you comfortable. It is designed to make its own people comfortable.” Clifton Fadiman ...more

Where Has a Year Gone?


Although the muse has not struck overly much in the past year ..... ...more

Healthcare Contrasts


At 0400hrs on the morning of the day I was due to fly ..... ...more

It's the Weather Again!


There was no Spring this year ..... ...more

Damned Politics Again!


If I were to sum up US politics as I saw it ..... ...more

Yellowstone - The Sting in the Tale


Some Musings on Balance ..... ...more

Gas Across the Alley


Diagonally across the back alley ..... ...more

Elk, Fraternity & Wolves


From my bedroom window, across Lewis ..... ...more

Don't Mention Politics!


The frontier mentality is not far below the surface ..... ...more

Bad Hair Day


People make the difference ..... ...more

Hiking with Bears


Montana is riddled with Trails and long-distance walks which ..... ...more

Livingston, MT


Livingston is a City, a small one ..... ...more

Montana Weather


Three Months in Montana - Every Season Every Day ..... ...more

US Rental Vehicles


It's not the side they drive on ..... ...more

Water as a Commodity


Round the World on a 'One World' ticket ..... ...more

Airport Encounter


Killing time at LAX ..... ...more

Maui - the Roads to Hana & Haleakala


At dawn I headed for ..... ...more

The Other Side of Fiji


FIJI is an odd place! ..... ...more

Fugitives' Drift - The Zulu Wars


The murder of David Rattray in January 2007 may have ..... ...more

Helicopter, Rhino & Dust in Namibia


Having left temperatures in Kruger in ..... ...more

Planning a Trip to Kruger?


Should you ever consider visiting Kruger, do not ..... ...more

Infectivity, Lethality & US Media


My microbiology professor in the late ‘60s often stated ..... ...more

Survival of the Fittest


500mm Nikon lens delivered and couldn’t wait to try it out. ...... ...more

Rhino in Uganda


There are only eight Rhino in Uganda, six of them ... ...more